How It Works

You enter your account on the Move-on Access platform to manage your event:

  • You create your events in an instant
  • You define easily the opening and closing dates of each events
  • You import the list of participants
  • You can update your list at all time
  • It supports the notion of guests and ACCOMPAGNANTS
  • Export at the end of your event, the definitive list of the status and the time of the arrival of your guests
  • Post event exports highlight last minute guest that were added to the list directly on a device

On site, Apple devices automatically synchronise the updated list by wify or 3G:

  • Each host/hostess downloads latest updated list
  • Accelerate check-in using the search tool or directly the list
  • Easily validate an arrival in one click
  • At any time you can add guests and accompanying guests into the application list which is then synchronized with other devices over wifi or 3G
  • You can can check-in guests and their accompanying guests even with staggered arrival.
  • At any time, management can check arrivals directly on his/her iphone/ iPad


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