Access Options

Option 1:

  • Go to the MoveOn website
  • Upload an Excel list of all your guests’ information to our central database
  • Install the application on your mobile device
  • Sync your application with the database
  • Connect to Wi-Fi
  • Start to welcome your guests!
  • Add last minute arrivals
  • Consult event statistics on the website
  • Receive text message updates when your VIPs arrive
  • Send thank you texts and emails after your event is over

Option 2: Using Social Media

This method is most effective for event organizers seeking to use social media to reach guests on a more personal level. Option 2 features some added benefits:

  • Create a mini-site for your event
  • Send out the link for the site on a social network & have guests register directly from the social network site
  • Download the application onto devices
  • Sync your guest list to devices

Option 3:

The final way to use our application combines the first two to make event access a breeze!

  • Go to the MoveOn website
  • Upload your guests’ information to the database
  • Send out an emailing to your guests to have them register on the event’s mini-site
  • Sync your guest list to the application
  • Welcome your guests!

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